Gamma Services

We offer a broad range of consultancy, advisory and production-related services to our clients, to supplement in-house capabilities in either the short-term or on a longer-term contracted basis.

Contact Gamma to discuss how we might be able to assist you and for an indication of the cost. As with our core software products, our aim is always to save you money with the services we provide.

Data conversion services

We don’t want you to have the hassle of converting data from a multitude of sources in dozens of formats into an mTAB® Database, so we will always do this for you. We have many years of experience of this, as well as a team of people whose job it is to do this in the most efficient, timely manner. We do the work and you benefit from our efficiency and attention to detail.

Over the years we have built up excellent relationships with all of the major market research vendors, so getting your data in the optimal format for data conversion is usually easily achieved. We can take data in a variety of formats, although our two preferred formats are flat ASCII (one record per respondent) or SPSS .sav files.

When converting your data into an mTAB® database we don’t simply press a button or run a script to get an mTAB® database: we will examine your data carefully to see how best to convert it, and then do in a way that makes the task of the analyst using the data in mTAB® as simple as possible. The kinds of optimizations we apply could be as something simple as presenting questions in more than one way, or something more creative, like combining questions to create new composite variables.

Finally, and most importantly, we apply a series of rigorous quality control checks on the database to ensure that everything is correct. After that, the database is ready for you to use and will appear in your mTAB® environment!

Analytical services

We have a dedicated team of analysts with many years of experience who can produce all your standard weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. This leaves you to concentrate on much more interesting things.

We can provide reports and analysis in a variety formats including mTABView, PowerPoint and Excel.

Project consulting

Often you know what you want, but are unsure of the best way to go about it. We spend a great deal of time with our clients advising them of the best way to approach problems and helping them to get the most from their research.

This can be something very simple such as how to present the data from a particular question to how to handle the reporting, analysis and updating of a whole set of country reports in the most efficient manner.

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