Our Know-how

At Gamma, we focus all our energies on market research analysis and reporting and the technology you need for it.

As well as developing our analysis and reporting software, we are also among the biggest users of our software, as many of our clients commission us to create their reports. In fact, some customers go a far as to ask us to design entire reporting systems for them.

For this reason, we like to think that we know more than something about survey analysis and reporting!

Our services – we want to help, just ask!

If you need any help with analysis and reporting, please just ask. Some of the routine request that come our way include:

  • Data conversion services (we do this for all customers)
  • Analytical services  
  • Project consulting 

Our thinking on analysis and presentation

A resource for you: our experts present some of the latest thinking on analysis and presentation.

Customer sucess stories

See what our customers say about our service. (We are rather proud of this!)

"Working with Gamma is brilliant. If we have any problems, they give us an answer very quickly. I really like working with them.”

Robert Stelzer, BMW

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