mTABView® - An Overview

mTABView®  is a companion to mTAB®, allowing you to efficiently create, maintain and share graphical and tabular presentations and to export them to Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. With mTABView you produce high quality, accurate reports, but you also save time and money at every step of the way. Here’s how:

Quality and accuracy UP, hassle and costs DOWN

Producing large numbers of charts using lots of copying and pasting is a painstakingly slow, repetitive and error prone task. What’s more, if the charts or tables need changing, as they inevitably will, this can mean endless manual tweaks. mTABView® takes the hassle out of creating and maintaining your regular, tracking and ad hoc reports by dynamically linking your charts to your survey data. The time saved can be immense, freeing up resources, increasing productivity and saving you money.

  • mTABView®, like mTAB®, is very fast with very large datasets and for this reason many large or multinational companies use it
  • Transfer your entire report to PowerPoint at the touch of a button. The charts are native PowerPoint charts and tables, rather than embedded images, which means that you can edit and modify them if required

Easy to use, easy to learn

Making mTABView charts and tables is simplicity itself. It includes styles and templates for different chart types, as well as a fully featured chart editor. Don’t just create single charts; with mTABView® you make the entire deck! 

  • mTABView®, like mTAB®, is provided via the Internet as a secure hosted service. There is nothing to install, your survey data and the charting tool are available to you wherever and whenever you have Internet access

More efficient, especially on repetitive tasks

Even better than this, you can make a new version of a report by using mTABView’s overlay feature, taking all of the stress out of updating with new data. Apply another column break, filter or even a different survey to an existing deck to make a completely new report. This is ideal for multi-brand, multi-segment or multi-market reporting.

  • mTABView significantly reduces the time you spend creating and maintaining your reporting decks. Definition and structural changes made during the set-up process are reflected in your charts immediately, as are survey updates
  • SmartText and SmartFormats automate the inclusion of many of the characteristic features of market research data such as survey descriptors, question  and filter texts, bases, significant differences, low sample indicators and more.

mTAB® is a registered trademark of mTAB LLC.
mTABView®  is a registered trademark of Gamma Associates Ltd.