mTAB® – An Overview

mTAB® is our core software product for the analysis of survey data, with almost unlimited flexibility in the creation of cross-tabular reports. It is an online tool designed with the needs of large or international companies in mind.

From the newest analysts... experienced researchers

mTAB® is so easy to use that even the newest analyst can perform queries, cross tabulations and carry out sophisticated data analysis; but at the same time it is so powerful that experienced researchers can use it for advanced data mining or to set up complex re-usable reports.

  • Immediate, real time answers to all ad-hoc queries for any size or type of quantitative data.
  • Unique data compression technology gives unrivalled analytical power and speed.
  • Automatically recognizes where changes have occurred across markets or time and helps you resolve those differences and achieve continuity in your analysis or reporting.
  • Instant access to your databases from anywhere in the world – mTAB® and your data are online 24/7.


Not just software...


... a complete service

Purchasing mTAB® entitles you to much more than software. We pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide to our customers as part of the mTAB® package. Our aim is to support you at every step of the way, so that you truly think of us as a part of your team.

  • We routinely convert data from a very wide range of formats, enabling information from a multitude of sources to be brought into mTAB® and even for different data sources to be analyzed together.
  • You get unlimited technical support via telephone or email and at no extra cost.
  • We liaise closely with you and your research companies to ensure your databases are exactly as you want them.
  • Your database can be tailored to include a wide variety of derived questions, such as life stage groupings, customer loyalty calculations, or respondent segmentation.
  • Results from techniques such as factor and cluster analysis can also be combined with the original data and supplied as a bespoke version of the database.

mTAB® is a registered trademark of mTAB LLC.
mTABView®  is a registered trademark of Gamma Associates Ltd.