About Us


Gamma Associates Limited (GAMMA) in the United Kingdom licences the mTAB® software throughout Europe and beyond and develops the companion mTABView® software product to create intelligent market research analysis and reporting solutions,


Our software is designed with the needs of major international companies in mind, so it is ideal for very large datasets and survey data that is collected in many countries or in multiple waves. For this reason, our customers include the world’s most well-known brands, such as major automotive companies, large financial services firms and leading players in pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.

Data Solutions and Consultancy Services

GAMMA's services extend well beyond developing software. We see ourselves as partners with our customers and work to provide each one with ‘ready to use data’. This means that we transform the raw data collected by market research companies into mTAB® databases that are easy to analyze and productive to work with. For many of our clients, we also provide a range of custom consulting services from advising on analysis strategies to producing standard weekly reports.

Personalised Service

Although we firmly believe in making the most of the advantages of the Web (customers access our software and their data online), we also believe in meeting our customers face-to-face whenever possible, in order to provide the highest level of service possible. Although this personalized service may sound expensive, we pride ourselves in ensuring that each customer is saving money by using us – and enjoys a very rapid return on investment.

Our software licensing costs are affordable, our support and training come at no extra charge and as a company, we have an ethos of saying ‘yes we can’ with our customers – and delivering on that.

mTAB® is a registered trademark of mTAB LLC. www.mtabsurveyanalysis.com
mTABView®  is a registered trademark of Gamma Associates Ltd. www.gamma.uk.com